Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Sheriff's Office solicit money by phone?

No. The Carter County Sheriff's office does not endorse anyone soliciting money for this office by phone. Any phone calls you receive requesting money for the Sheriff's Office are probably scammers. The only contact you may receive regarding the Sheriff's Office is from the Missouri Sheriff's Association (MSA) or other limited organizations which You might receive a letter in the mail from them requesting support. In the event that you receive a letter, the sheriff’s signature will be affixed. Please feel free to contact Sheriff Stephens with any questions relating to solicitation of funds for the Sheriff’s Office. We would rather you make sure where your hard earned money is going.

Does the Sheriff's Office have any community oriented crime prevention programs?

Yes.  The Sheriff's Office participates in multiple community based programs designed to enhance community awareness and prevent crime. Please see the crime prevention and community outreach links on our website.   The Sheriff's Office also participates in numerous community events.  Officers are available for public speaking events upon request.

Will the Sheriff's Office check my residence while I am out of town?

Yes, the Sheriff's Office conducts vacation checks as a part of its preventative patrol program.  To set up a vacation check, simply contact the Sheriff's Office.

Does Carter County have animal control ordinances?

No, Carter County does not have any animal control ordinances.  All animal complaints must fall under current state statutes. 

How do I find out if a sex offender lives in my neighborhood?

Check the sex offender link on this web page.  This page will show where the offender lives and the offense that was committed.

How do I renew my concealed carry weapons (CCW) permit?

CCW permits have to be renewed every five years.  To renew bring the following items to the Sheriff's Office: CCW identification, and a renewal letter.  Once these items have been submitted to the Sheriff's Office, you will need to fill out a simple form and pay a fifty dollar renewal fee.  If your CCW is expired by more than sixty days; additional fees may apply.

How do I report an incident to the Sheriff's Office?

 If it is an emergency dial 911.  If it is a non emergency call (573) 323-4510.  The dispatcher will then forward the call to the appropriate agency or officer.

How do I get a copy of a report?

If you make a report with the Sheriff's Office you may be able to obtain a copy of the report with-in two business days.  In order to get the report, you must come to the Sheriff's Office located at 15 Sycamore Street in Van Buren.  Only the person making the report may obtain a copy of the report.  That person must also present a valid picture ID for the report.

I received a traffic ticket from a Deputy. Do I come to the Sheriff's Office to pay?

No.  If you receive a traffic ticket from a Deputy you must either appear in court on the date listed at the top of the summons or you may contact the courts by phone at the number listed.  You may also come to the courts which is located on the second floor of the courthouse in Van Buren.

When I call to report something, do I have to give my name?

No.  It is not required that you give us any personal information. However, if you wish to be contacted you will need to do so. There may be times when we need to contact you to verify information and leaving your name and a phone number is appreciated but not required.

Why do we sometimes see City officers doing things out in the county?

The Sheriff in any county has the authority to commission municipal officers with in their county.  Several municipal officers with in Carter County have been given a commission by the Sheriff.  This benefits everyone involved.  On occasion, the Sheriff's Office requires assistance from municipal agencies for certain details.  By having a commissioned officer, those agencies can send officers to assist our office.  It also allows those agencies to have another resource in providing services to their jurisdiction.

Why do we sometimes see County Officers doing things inside a city?

Carter County Deputies have arrest authority anywhere within Carter County.  This includes inside any city that is within Carter County.  While County Deputies cannot enforce city ordinances, they can enforce all state laws with the city.

You can come by the Sheriff's Office at 1122 Main St. in Van Buren, MO,  in person.  An deputy will assist you with checking for any warrants you may have.

Come and see us. We want to clear the warrant out of our system as badly as you want to get rid of it.     

How do I get an EX PARTE (restraining order)?

During normal business hours, the ex parte can be obtained by going directly to the Carter County Sheriff’s Office. You will be directed to complete a written statement outlining the basis for which you desire a protective order. You will then be directed to respond to the Carter County Court House, second level.  


Crime Tip HOTline 573-323-4510