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Welcome to the Carter County Detention Facility. As an inmate, you are required to conduct yourself in an adult manner. This rulebook was designed to help you clearly understand the rules and regulations of the Carter County Detention Facility.  You will learn how disciplinary matters are handled and what types of disciplinary action can be applied for violation of the rules.

This rulebook provides you with information you will need to know to help you during your incarceration at the Carter County Detention Facility. All rules contained within this book are subject to change at the discretion of the Sheriff, Chief Deputy or Jail Administrator.




Routine requests (verbal in nature) should be addressed with detention staff while they are making their rounds or during meal times. Inmates who make requests in an inappropriate manner may be subject to discipline. Heating or cooling request, personal item request, checking on mail, food or commissary requests, etc., are not considered emergencies.  All Inmate Request Forms will be collected by detention staff daily.




The Sheriff and Jail Administrator manage the Carter County Detention Facility. No inmate shall assign work, nor have any control or supervision of another inmate.




It is important to your health and well being that you keep yourself, as well as your living area, clean. You will be expected to shower on a daily basis, unless medically instructed otherwise. Soap for shaving, bathing and shampooing will be provided to inmates daily. Disposable razors will be provided to inmates by the Carter County Detention Facility on a scheduled basis.  An intake supply kit is available upon your admission to the Detention Center.  Supplies such as mop, mop bucket, broom, etc., for cleaning your living area will be provided on a scheduled basis. All inmates are expected to help clean their living areas and to keep them clean at all times. All pertinent hygiene items will be provided by the Carter County Detention Facility. 

No excess food, cups or trays shall remain in the cell areas except as provided for drinking water.  Only food to remain in the cell is what has been purchased off Commissary. Keeping food off meal trays is Prohibited! 

 No food will be allowed into the jail, except what is served during meals / snacks or purchased from commissary




While incarcerated, your personal property will be placed in a secure area. Upon entering the Carter County Detention Facility your property will be inventoried by detention staff.  You will sign the form listing the property being held.

All money in your possession upon admittance will be sealed in a secure envelope and secured.  The detention staff member receiving these funds will issue you a receipt.  Upon your departure, you will again review all the items signing a release form acknowledging receipt of all property and moneys held.  


All inmates being held in the Carter County Detention Facility will be issued an official uniform and footwear.  Underwear, short socks and T-shirts (PLAIN WHITE AND Two [2] SETS ONLY) are allowed to be brought into the Detention Facility after being inspected by supervisory staff.  White clothing (underwear, t-shirts, etc.) shall be marked with the inmates’ initials prior to delivery at the Detention Facility.  No shoes are authorized, except for medical reasons or special needs.  A written doctor’s order is required.

No headbands, caps, bandanas, jewelry (excluding wedding BANDS that contain no gemstones), etc. will be allowed.  All such items will be placed in your personal property.  Official uniforms will be worn by inmates at all times when not in their SLEEPING or SHOWERING area.



Nightly Lockdown of the Carter County Detention Facility will be at 10:00 p.m. each night.  Lights will remain on low light to ensure safety of inmates and staff. All televisions and radios will be turned off at 10:00 p.m. and remain off until 06:00 a.m.  Mattresses are to remain on the metal bunks at all times, one mat per bunk UNLESS DR. APPROVED.


For medical requests (physician, dental, etc.), the inmate will send out an “Inmate Medical Request” form to detention staff.  Medical Request forms will be accepted by detention staff during rounds, meal service, lockdown, etc.  Medical services are provided by authorized medical personnel only. Please inform staff immediately if an emergency medical condition exist.  All medical bills are the responsibility of the inmate. Inmates will not be denied medical services due to an inability to pay for services.


All inmates requiring prescription medication will provide detention staff with a listing of said medication and the inmates attending physician. All medications brought in by the inmate will be evaluated by a medical provider . All prescription medications and over the counter medications will be handled by the Carter County Detention Facility Staff.  No over-the-counter medications will be accepted by detention staff, unless the Sheriff, Chief Deputy or Jail Administrator has given prior approval.  Over the counter medications will be billed to your account for .50 cents per dosage unit and will be deducted from your commissary account.  Other prescription drugs will be billed to the Courts for assessment on your court cost. 


General Non-Privileged Inmate Mail

Inmates must provide their own envelopes and postage for mailing non-privileged mail and when an inmate is determined to be indigent, such envelope shall be provided, without cost, for the purpose of sending privileged mail. 

 U.S. postal service , ASM, Sec. 274.96 “authorized personnel of prisons, jails, or other correctional institutions under lawful rules and regulations, may open, examine, and censor mail addressed to an inmate of the institution, if the inmate consents to receive his or her mail at the institution through the institutional authorities. If the inmate does not consent, the personnel may return it to the post office unopened, marked refused.

All outgoing inmate mail must be provided to the staff, unsealed. Sealed letters will be returned to the inmate.

All Letters will have the proper postage applied.

Sending or receiving May by any method other than that stated above is a violation of the facility rules. Passing notes to anyone is prohibited.


The facility address for mail delivery is:   Inmate Name

                                                            Carter County Sheriff’s Office

                                                            P.O. Box 817

                                                            Van Buren, Mo. 63965

 Out-Going Privileged Mail

Inmates must provide their own envelopes and postage for mailing privileged mail and when an inmate is determined to be indigent, such envelope shall be provided, without cost, for the purpose of sending privileged mail. 


In-Coming Privileged Mail

In-coming privileged mail for inmates may be opened and inspected only in the presence of the inmate to whom it is addressed.  The inspection will be for contraband only.  No other examination is allowed by staff.  


The facility address for mail delivery is:   Inmate Name

                                                            Carter County Sheriff’s Office

                                                            P.O. Box 817

                                                            Van Buren, Mo. 63965


All inmate mail will be logged in the inmate’s mail log. 


Commissary is available to all inmates once a week excluding inmates that have had this privilege taken away. Allowable Item sheets are distributed to all inmates.  Commissary items are not to be purchased for other inmates. 


Indigent status is one who fits into the following criteria; has been in our facility for at least 30 continuous days and has not had no more than $5.00 deposited onto their account in their time of stay.  If an inmate meets this criteria they will receive an indigent hygiene kit plus a pre-stamped envelope. The inmate will have to fill out a request form for such kit and may only receive one kit every 30 days.


All visitors will sign in and out on the visitation log sheet prior to, and after the visit.  Any visitor that refuses to follow the visitation rules or directions of the jail staff will have their visitation privileges suspended.  All visitors must provide jail staff with a form of photo identification prior to their visit.

Visits will be via video chat that is on the wall in the Sheriff's Office Lobby. Inmates will not be allowed to come out into the lobby for any reason.

Attorneys may visit with an inmate of the Carter County Detention Facility at any time, unless jail security would be compromised, or other activities are going on.  Clergyman visits should be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance, however, in special circumstances may be earlier with the approval of the Sheriff, Chief Deputy or Jail Administrator.   


An inmate being held in the Carter County Detention Facility with family members living 250 miles or more from Carter County can make a special visit request to the Sheriff.  A special visit is a standard visit on visiting day (Sunday) that may last for thirty- (30) minutes.  A request form must be completed by the inmate and approved one (1) week in advance of the requested visit.

An inmate is eligible to put in a request for a contact visit with family members after being held in the county facility for a period of one year (365 days) of incarceration. The only other means to being eligible to request a contact visit is to have it included in sentencing as part of the court decision before being transported to the Missouri Department of Corrections.  The sheriff’s office administration still has the final say in the decision to grant or deny the request.


Inmate visitation will occur on Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Visitors may not visit more than one person per visit. Visits will not last in excess of twenty (20) minutes in duration and must be approved by the inmate.

Improper conduct of a visitor or inmate during visitation will result in that visit being terminated and the revocation of future visitation privileges.

No person on probation or parole will be allowed to visit.

No persons under the age of eighteen (18) will be allowed to visit any inmate.

All persons visiting will be subject to search based on a reasonable belief that jail security may be compromised.  All persons visiting will be checked through the Missouri Uniform Law Enforcement System.  No person whose actions indicate the use of alcohol or drugs will be permitted to visit any inmate of the Carter County Detention Facility, or if the visitor is on probation or parole.  Visits are limited to 20 minutes.


All cell  areas will be inspected for contraband and cleanliness. Detention Facility Staff, without prior notice may perform detailed inspections at any time.  All inmates will be required to make their beds daily and keep their living areas clean and neat in appearance.  Mattress and bedding shall remain in the inmates bunk area at all times.   


The Carter County Detention Facility is a smoke free/tobacco free facility. The use of tobacco products in any form by inmates is strictly prohibited. Inmates found with tobacco products will be subject to disciplinary action by detention staff.


Personal phone calls will be made only from the phones in the cell area. These phones allow collect calls and prepaid air time if card is purchased.  Use of the phones is a privilege and may be turned off as deemed necessary.  YOU WILL BE OFFERED ONE FREE PHONE CALL TO BE USED WHILE IN BOOKING AREA FOR BONDING REASONS.




Bond calls may be made after the booking process is completed. Bond calls will be limited to one local call.  Bonding companies that require a toll charge (long distance) will be made on the inmate collect call phones.  Additional calls to bonding companies will be made on the inmate call phones located in the inmate cells.  Detention staff will NOT call bonding companies for you.


Religious services are held on a weekly basis. All inmates are encouraged but not required to attend. 

Items Allowed in the cell:

1 bible
2 books/ magazines (not including bible) (any non library books must come directly from the publisher and be in its original packaging)
1 set shoes (jail issue)
1 blanket (1 additional upon approval)
1 towel
1 wash cloth
1 jail issued uniform
1 hygiene care package (provided)
1 pencil
Colored Pencils (upon approval)
1 tablet of drawing or writing paper
Up to 5 personal letters (additional letters will be placed into property)
Five, Stamped envelopes
Commissary items (Total of 10 items)
1 Game / Puzzle    Item

Additional items:

 (all items must be pre-packaged from the manufacturer and unopened)
Cup of noodles/ Mac-n-cheese (small amount)  (No Microwave Use Available) 
Peanut Butter (Individual packets)
Crackers (small packets- Peanut Butter/ Cheese)
Small amount of bread rolls
Beef Jerky
Granola Bars
Instant Coffee (Individual Packs)
Individual Kool-Aid Packs (Individual Packs)
Bag of Chips
Bag of Hard Candy / Desert/ Sunflower Type Seeds
Other Items Pre-Approved by the Sheriff

Items nor accepted:
Any Items Deemed a Security Risk by Staff or Sheriff
Canned or bottled soda
Pornographic magazines / materials
Alcoholic beverages / cigarettes / chewing tobacco
Energy Drinks / Supplements
Homemade Items


If an inmate needs personal items because of medical reasons, then a written doctors’ order must be in their medical file. The expense of obtaining a written doctor’s note and the expense of the personal items will be the responsibility of the inmate. 


It is the policy of this agency that inmates shall have the opportunity to present written grievances without punishment. Written inmate grievances shall be promptly investigated, promptly answered in writing, and if legitimate, satisfactory resolved.

Inmates must write a grievance in his/her own behalf. Group petitions and class action grievance will be returned without a response.


The following Statutes are from the Missouri Revised Statutes, (Cumulative Supplement 1983) apply specifically to prohibited behavior of inmates of The Carter County Detention Facility.

221.111 – Delivery or concealment on the premises of narcotics, liquor or prohibited articles. It shall be an offense for any person to knowingly deliver, attempt to deliver, have in his possession, deposit or conceal in or about the premises of any county jail or county correctional facility:

Any controlled substance except upon the written prescription of a licensed physician or dentist.
Any other alkaloid or any kind of spirits or malt liquor.
Any article or item of personal property, which a prisoner is prohibited by law from receiving, possessing, except herein provided.
Any gun, knife weapon, or article or item of personal property that may be used in such a manner as to endanger the life or limb of any inmate or staff member thereof.
221.353 – Damage to jail property

A person commits the crime of damage to jail property if such person knowingly damages any city or county jail building or other jail property.
A person commits the crime of damage to jail property if such person knowingly starts a fire in any city or county jail.
Damage to jail property is a Class D felony.


Contraband is defined as any item(s) or article(s) in the possession of an inmate within the Detention Facility that has not been officially issued, or authorized by law or by the Sheriff’s rules, regulations or orders. Authorized items may be considered contraband when found in excessive quantities or if altered from their original condition, or in a place in which they are not authorized. In addition, items belonging to an inmate and found in the possession of another inmate may be considered contraband.

Classes of Contraband

            (1)        Class “A” contraband is defined as an item or article which is criminal in nature,   or poses a threat to the safety and security of the Detention Facility, its’ inmate, or         employees:

                        (a)        Guns and firearms of any type

                        (b)        Any items that may jeopardize the safety and security of facility 

                        (c)        Knives, weapons and unauthorized tools

                        (d)        Hazardous and poisonous chemicals and gases

                        (e)        Narcotics and drugs (except those authorized by the

                                    Medical service personnel)

                        (f)         Intoxicants (liquor, alcoholic beverages, glue, etc.)


            (2)        Class “B” contraband is defined as that which is not classified as Class                          

                        (a)        Unauthorized food

                        (b)        Unauthorized goods or personal property

                        (c)        Currency

                        (d)        Tobacco products



The rules are designed to insure safe confinement, decent living conditions and fair treatment of all inmates. All inmates must obey all rules of the Carter County Detention Facility and follow all instructions of the Detention Facility Staff, and conduct yourself in an orderly and decent manner with respect for the rights of other inmates.

All violations will result in prosecution or disciplinary actions

It shall be prohibited for any inmate in the custody of the Carter County Detention Facility to:

 Violate any of the Revised Statutes of the State of Missouri, which would include:

possession of controlled substances any type of tobacco substances, lighters, or matches at any time,  weapons offenses, escape attempts, assault of  law enforcement/ detention officers, or other inmate(s).

 NO communication with anyone outside your cell
 Intimidate or steal from any other inmate in the custody of the Carter County Detention Facility;

 Knowingly or willfully destroy any property of the Carter County Detention Facility

 including but not limited to TOWELS, BLANKETS, MATTRESS, PILLOW,

 Uniforms, ETC.;

 Jeopardize the security and good order of the facility.  This would include tampering

 with or damaging security cameras or light fixtures or communicating to anyone

  outside your “cell” in the Detention Facility;

 Disobey a reasonable request of any member of detention staff or law enforcement officer;

 Manufacture or possess any type of alcoholic beverage.  This would include saving

 food products such as fruit and bread from meal trays;

 Tattoo themselves or another inmate, or to cause self-injury or self-mutilation; as well as haircuts

 Make a false statement about any incident, another inmate or detention staff or fail to

 report a crime or identify themselves as a witness to a crime, which occurred within

 the Detention Center;

  Banging on doors or Yelling within the facility for NON-EMERGENCY reasons

 Use profane / threatening language, obscenities or derogatory / prejudicial remarks to

 other inmates, detention staff members, law enforcement officers, etc., within the

 Detention Facility.


Destruction of County Property:

  •              Referral to Prosecuting Attorney
  •              Lockdown for 72 hours

Disobeying direction of detention officers, deputies or Sheriff:

  •             1st offense                                    24 hours lockdown
  •             2nd offense                                   72 hours lockdown
  •             3rd & subsequent offenses         168 hours (7 days) lockdown


  •             Referral to Prosecuting Attorney
  •             Lockdown for 72 hrs in Isolation


  •              Loss of Television for a time period not to exceed 48 hours

 Tampering with Camera Equipment or Lighting:

  •             1st offense                 24 hours lockdown
  •             2ndoffense                 72 hours lockdown
  •             3rdoffense                168 hours lockdown

 All other rules and regulations:

 Up to 48 hours lockdown and removal of privileges for up to seven (7) days.  




Crime Tip HOTline 573-323-4510